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And by realistic, I don’t mean gritty settings, or political intrigues, or even the justification for the zombie outbreak itself. ‘There have been so many cases with my friends where their families, friends, co-workers, bosses or even just people in their area have found out. What is fans only Do People Do on OnlyFans? Yes, the figures could be less or more, as it depends on your followers and your way of asking them to join you at OnlyFans. Most people use OnlyFans as a trusted way of purchasing NSFW videos and photos from the influencers and stars who ask them to join their OnlyFans page and promise to upload content that they will never post publically. Other than this, OnlyFans will ask for your real name, date of birth, and your ID card or your Passport and Driving license to verify your account. But for this, you have to use OnlyFans in your computer.